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SDS, Veterans, Community Protest Troop Surge in Afghanistan

SDS joined hundreds of community members, including Peace Action Wisconsin, Veterans for Peace, and dozens of community groups to protest Obama's troop surge announcement. Students representing SDS led a march of students and veterans into the streets during rush-hour at the Federal Building. Here is the call to action that was sent out for the event:

The U.S. occupation of Afghanistan is over 8 years old and a certified disaster for democracy and self-determination. Despite Obama’s anti-war campaign rhetoric, the administration is now preparing to announce a new invasion of U.S. troops into Afghanistan. This is a dangerous move for the Afghan people, and for taxpayers in the U.S.

The defense budget signed by President Obama on October 28th this year allocates $680 billion to military spending, while the American people are suffering the economic effects of Obama’s occupations. Democrats and Republicans are arguing about the cost of a healthcare bill, but Pentagon officials have told the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee in the House that every gallon of gasoline delivered to US troops in Afghanistan costs American taxpayers $400.

The U.S. installed “democracy” in Afghanistan has been a complete failure, with nearly one-third of the ballots for Hamid Karzai thrown out due to fraud. Yet, the United States continues to work with a deeply corrupt government, some of which is still on the CIA payroll.

It will cost U.S. taxpayers $750,000 to send one soldier to Afghanistan for one year. At this rate, the troops surge will cost roughly the same as sending three million young people to college for a year. Therefore we demand an end to unjust occupation, and demand money to save jobs, save homes, and save education in a time of crisis. We condemn any escalation or continuation of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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