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Campus Community Crashes Rove

SDS led a loud protest of over 100 students, faculty, and community members outside the hall where war criminal Karl Rove spoke on December 3rd.  Right-wingers waiting in line to see the speech were confronted with signs demanding Rove return the $25,000 honorarium payed to him by excess student fees.  During the worst economic crisis in 80 years, millionaire Rove gladly robbed the university students of much needed funds, at a time when UW schools are facing a $174m budget deficit.  SDS demanded Rove return the money to students who lost financial aid during the crisis.  Rove was instrumental in helping the deregulate the banks, cut college aid like pell grants, and send schools into a downward spiral with the no child left behind act.  Because of these crimes against students, and his war crimes against the people of Iraq and Afghanistan, he will be confronted wherever he goes.

Here is some excellent coverage of the protest:
Michael Moore:

A protester gets thrown out of the speech:

Photos on our facebook group:

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