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Wednesday: Emergency Protest of Troop Surge in Afghanistan

The U.S. occupation of Afghanistan is over 8 years old and a certified disaster for democracy and self-determination. Despite Obama’s anti-war campaign rhetoric, the administration is now preparing to announce a new invasion of U.S. troops into Afghanistan.  This is a dangerous move for the Afghan people, and for taxpayers in the U.S.

The defense budget signed by President Obama on October 28th this year allocates $680 billion to military spending, while the American people are suffering the economic effects of Obama’s occupations.  Democrats and Republicans are arguing about the cost of a healthcare bill, but Pentagon officials have told the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee in the House that every gallon of gasoline delivered to US troops in Afghanistan costs American taxpayers $400. 

The U.S. installed “democracy” in Afghanistan has been a complete failure, with nearly one-third of the ballots for Hamid Karzai thrown out due to fraud.  Yet, the United States continues to work with a deeply corrupt government, some of which is still on the CIA payroll.

It will cost U.S. taxpayers $750,000 to send one soldier to Afghanistan for one year.  At this rate, the troops surge will cost roughly the same as sending three million young people to college for a year.  Therefore we demand an end to unjust occupation, and demand money to save jobs, save homes, and save education in a time of crisis.  We condemn any escalation or continuation of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Community members and organizations will rally on Wednesday, December 2ndt at 5:00pm outside the Federal Building on the corner of 3rd and Wisconsin.  We will protesting during rush hour, so plan on traffic.

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