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Support the Education Rights 16!

Today, 16 people were arrested demanding Education Rights at UWM (see national news.) The Administration used the Police to block the message of students, faculty, and workers who were demanding education rights.

All those arrested have been contacted by SDS and are safe despite minor injuries from police harassment before and after they where in custody. We will continue to provide legal support for those involved.

This protest came as a result of the Chancellor's refusal to meet with us. We organized a peaceful protest. We believe students should have access to public buildings, including Chapman Hall. We recognize this was a traumatic event for our many peaceful protesters and we condemn the police escalated this event into violence. The behavior of the police was unacceptable and their reputation has been deeply damaged, as we're only fighting for workers like themselves to afford education for their children. The real victims today are the students, workers, and community that are struggling in this time of economic crisis.

1) Public hearing with Chancellor Santiago about the economic crisis, its effects upon our university, and a discussion of our demands.
2) Drop all charges against the Milwaukee 16
3) Amnesty for the organizers of this event
4) An apology from the chief of the UW-Milwaukee police

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