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Milwaukee Students for a Democratic Society Condemn Police Brutality, Demands Justice, Continues the Struggle for Education Rights

Milwaukee Students for a Democratic Society Condemn Police Brutality, Demands Justice, Continues the Struggle for Education Rights 
18 arrested, 250 rally for education rights at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee for the March 4 National Day of Action for Education Rights

March 4, 2010 – Milwaukee, WI - Students for a Democratic Society is an organization that stands for social justice, peace, and equality.  In the face of massive budget cuts at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, we helped form a campus-wide coalition for education rights, called the UWM Education Rights Campaign, consisting of dozens of organizations, including the professor and teacher assistant union.

The campaign organized a peaceful demonstration on March 4th, part of a national day of action to defend education ( The local campaign organized a speak-out to bring attention to our demands. The rally ended in a march to Chapman Hall, to deliver petition signatures to a Chancellor that has thus far refused to meet with us, instead choosing to introduce us to more campus police and locked doors.

250 students, workers, professors, teacher assistants, and concerned community members gathered today to show their support for the UWM Education Rights Campaign. SDS believes we had a great event, and are proud of the students and workers who rallied with us for education rights and stood their ground for over two hours as the police pepper sprayed, punched, and arrested over 18 people. 

"It is difficult to express how outraged we are of the use of police repression against a peaceful protest," commented student organizer Jacob Flom.  "We are outraged by the Chancellor’s unwillingness to come and meet with the peaceful assembly. Our thoughts and prayers go out tonight to the students who have been attacked, arrested, pepper sprayed, and injured. This campaign was about the tens of thousands of youth in our impoverished city who have absolutely no hope of attending this university due to a gutless university administration and politicians who instead give billions to war, occupation, and bank bail-outs."

Milwaukee Students for a Democratic Society demands all the arrested be immediately released. We will not stand for charges against our fellow protesters. Despite the violence, repression, and however the Chancellor is trying to depict this situation, we will continue forth with our campaign for education rights with more energy and vigor than ever seen before.

Read more about Students for a Democratic Society here: The UWM Education Rights Campaign can be read more about at

Kas Schwedrtferger

Milwaukee Students for a Democratic Society

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