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UWM Union
2200 E. Kewnwood Blvd.
Meetings are usually in Union 280, otherwise check by the union elevators for meeting locations.


Palermo's Rally Wednesday Febuary 6th

 Hello fellow SDS Milwaukee members and people interested in us! it has been a while since our website was last posted in, but that is going to change!

I would like to let everybody know about this really cool rally that is taking place tomorrow to get administration  boot Palermo's pizza off of our UWM campus. The rally is taking place at 12:30pm in Spaits plaza on Wednesday February 6th, which is tomorrow! here is the facebook link for the event:

If you have anymore questions about the event or just want to get in touch email me at MilwaukeeSDS [at] .  There is now someone (me) reading the emails.

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