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Solidarity with Occupy Wall Street

The Milwaukee Chapter of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) sends our love and solidarity to the people of Occupy Wall Street. Although many of us cannot afford to travel to New York, Milwaukee SDS stands in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in New York who are taking our message to Wall Street for us, and we will support you however possible.

We understand that Wall Street is the enemy of the people of the world. Wall Street is responsible for ten years of occupation in Afghanistan, from which the Wall Street elite have made billions In profit for themselves. Wall Street is also the enemy of students and young people, workers, women, people of color, disabled people, and LGBTQ people. Together we are the 99%. Wall Street Banksters and their hired thugs always try to divide the people by race or gender. But Occupy Wall Street is actively healing those divisions and uniting the 99% against our class enemies, the top 1% of the ruling class.

All power to the people
Milwaukee SDS

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MarkMe said...

Does the SDS have a working group in the General Assembly?