Meetings every Wednesday at 7pm
UWM Union
2200 E. Kewnwood Blvd.
Meetings are usually in Union 280, otherwise check by the union elevators for meeting locations.


Milwaukee SDS recently celebrated our 5th anniversary. Thank you for your continued support, as we wrap up an outstanding school year.

Milwaukee SDS Events 2010-2011

June 4th - SDS organizes emergency protest of the Freedom Flotilla Massacre
June 10th – SDS protests UW Regents meeting as Regents vote unanimously to raise tuition 5.5%
June 22-24 - SDS at U.S. Social Forum 20,000 leftists meet in Detroit!
July 4th - SDS radicalizes Independence day celebrations
July 20th - SDS builds for rally for Adam Hernandez Stop the school to prison pipeline
July 29th - SDS cosponsors rally against SB1070 in Arizona
August - SDS and the ERC win a huge victory for the MKE 16! Charges dropped!
September 13th - Education Rights Speak-Out Celebration of MKE 16 victory & open mic
September 25th – Emergency Protest of FBI Raids
October 5th – National Day of Action Stop FBI Repression
October 7th – National Day of Action to Defend Public Education
October 23-24 – Milwaukee hosts the 5th SDS National Convention
October 28th – Tom Burke: U.S. Intervention in Colombia
November 3rd – Movie: Norma Rae
November 18th – Movie: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
November 24th – SDS cosponsors Ali Abunimah: One State Solution for a Democratic Palestine
Nov 29th – SDS Launches Palestine Solidarity Campaign with checkpoint for Palestine solidarity
December 2nd – S.T.O.P: Grassroots Organizing in an Era of Economic Crisis
December 3rd – Stop FBI Repression National Day of Protest
December 16th - Hatem Abudayyeh and Maureen Murphy: FBI Repression of Palestine Solidarity
January 22nd – 3rd Annual SDS Winter Skillshare and Potluck
January 25th – Protest to Stop FBI Repression
January 30th and 31st – Egypt Solidarity Rallies
February 20th - Inga Muscio: Love in Violent Times
March 4th Commemorative Financial Transparency Act passed in the Student Association
February 14th – Protest Union Busting with MGAA
February 17th – UWM WALKOUT led by SDS numbers 3,000
February + March - SDS Student Contingents at Madison
March 2nd National Day of Action – UWM WALKOUT II
March 2nd – SDS helps launch UWM OCCUPIED
March 9th – SDS occupies State Capitol, helps lead emergency sit-in at assembly
March 16th – SDS cosponsors Honoring Rachel Corrie
March 19th – Iraq War Anniversary Protest
March 30th – SDS protests and disrupts CIA on campus
March 31st – Meredith Aby: FBI Repression and the Anti-War Movement
April 7th – Masao Suzuki: Causes and Effects of the Economic Crisis
April 11th – Protest at State Budget Hearing
April 25th – Protest Karl Rove at UWM II
May 1st – SDS Student Contingent at May Day Rally
May 2nd – 3rd Annual SDS Celebration of International Worker’s Day
May 3rd – Movie Night: The People Speak
May 4th – Checkpoint for Palestine Solidarity

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