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UWM Walkout Proclamation to Governor Walker

The following proclamation was passed by the Feb. 17th UWM walkout with 3,000 in attendance:

"We are gathered here today as a collective body of students, faculty, and staff of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

This is a walkout. Today we made an active choice to demonstrate that business as usual cannot continue.

Governor Walker has put forward a proposal that attacks decades of democratic gains made by the working people of this state. Under Walker's proposed "Budget Repair Bill," the people of this state would all but lose their right to collectively bargain for things as basic as health care, job conditions, and health and safety issues in the workplace. State workers, local employees and school district employees would lose hundreds of millions of dollars of income critical to supporting themselves and their families.

As a democratic body representing ourselves as students, faculty, and staff at the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee, we declare today that we reject Governor Walker's Budget Proposal. No amendments will make it acceptable.

We will only accept a proposal that represents the interests of the working people of this state - their organizations, their families, and their lives."

Video of the proclamation:


meghan m said...

What a wonderful proposal! As someone who stands to lose greatly should this wretched insult of legislation, I thank you.

To democracy!

enKay said...

Yeah, "to democracy" did that happen last fall during the elections? Walker is doing exactly what he said he was going to do. Letting public employees unionize is counter productive. Very happy he is holding strong.

To democracy working!

P.S. 600,000 people who voted in 2008 either didn't show up or voted for Walker in 2010. So blame it on lack of participation or people not liking how the Dem's are doing things either way, democracy is working quite well, elections have consequences.

meghan m said...

Walker didn't say he was going to bust unions; he said he was going to create jobs.

Besides, a small victory margin does not mean that constituents cannot disagree with their governor or petition their representatives.

Allow me to clarify: *To grassroots democracy!* The kind rich, white, male politicians cannot buy.