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Victory for The Milwaukee 16!


Victory for The Milwaukee 16! UWM Administration Offers to Drop Charges

The 16 people who were arrested at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee on the March 4th National Day of Action To Defend Education have achieved victory. The University administration has offered to drop all charges for the Milwaukee 16, and the investigation into the conduct of the UWM campus police will continue.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin June 30, 2010 -- Due to relentless pressure from the University community, including faculty, staff, and students, the UWM administration has offered to drop the charges against the Milwaukee 16. Though the charges will be dropped, SDS and the Education Rights Campaign will continue to seek justice for those who were mistreated by the police on March 4th through a formal third party investigation.

SDS member Molly Ubbesen states, “On March 4th, the University tried to silence our voices by arresting protesters, but we will continue to fight for democracy and education rights.”

Although Chancellor Santiago initially denied the request to drop the charges, he was ultimately forced to accept the demands of the campaign. As The Milwaukee 16 celebrate this victory, they attribute the success to those who demonstrated in their support.

UWM says they will drop the charges against the Milwaukee 16, but students and workers say that the fight is not over yet. As tuition rises and wages are cut at universities around the country, SDS is organizing nationally to demand that the rich pay for their economic crisis, not students and workers. Oct. 7th will be the next National Day of Action to Defend Education.

Education is a Right!