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Pat Gowins of Welfare Warriors Speaks

Wednesday, April 28, 2010
Bolton 150 UWM Union

Pat Gowins is a long-time activist and mother, working on issues of welfare and poverty here in this city of Milwaukee for many years.
She is a leading member of Welfare Warriors, an organization that brings together single mothers and people of all ages living in poverty in Milwaukee, and an organization that produces and distributes the Internationally known publication "Mother Warriors Voice"
Thousands of organizations of urban poor receive and write for this publication and share ideas, stories, and education on the issues of people living in poverty on welfare or otherwise.

Pat will be educating us on the issues of big business in welfare and the great problems all of us face in Milwaukee and across the country while decades of slashes have been made to the social safety net.

Come learn more about a rarely discussed topic: the realities of welfare workers, and learn it straight from people who know first-hand what poverty in this city looks like.

This event is brought to you by Students for a Democratic Society in conjunction with Progressive Students of Milwaukee

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