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October 7th - National Day of Action

U.S. Out of Afghanistan Now
Eight Years of War and Occupation

This week eight years ago, the Bush administration invaded Afghanistan to begin a lengthy and deadly occupation. Eight years later and with a new president, the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan have only grown in scope and violence. This Wednesday, October 7th, students will rally outside Sandburg Hall at noon, calling to “Fund Education, Not Occupation!”

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have cost Wisconsin taxpayers an unimaginable $14.5 Billion in the past eight years. The money from our public schools and universities has been drained into corporate coffers, and even used to pay off resistance fighters. This year, it was announced that UW schools will lose $174 Million in funding, creating a crises for students on financial aid, more tuition hikes, and widespread budget cuts. Even more unforgivable, is the loss of over 6,000 young Americans in these wars.

This year has been the deadliest year for U.S. Soldiers in Afghanistan, as President Obama plays with different failed strategies there. As the President plans to send tens of thousands more troops, the cost of these occupations will continue to drain our communities and schools of the resources and attention they desperately need. The U.S. Government is expanding upon Bush’s mistakes by retaining the military presence in Iraq, and building a mass escalation of the occupation in Afghanistan. Not surprisingly, this occupation has become increasingly unpopular as it proves to lack any legitimacy, direction, or improvement. From the recent fraudulent election, to dwindling international support, to fiscal and social costs, this illegitimate war is a nightmare for the people of Afghanistan and for students and workers in our own communities.

The anti-war movement in the United States will unite this week in mass protests of the illegal war against the people of Afghanistan. Students and youth will demand “Books, not Bombs!” and an immediate end to occupation.

Milwaukee Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) will participate in a national day of anti-war action organized by the National SDS Anti-War Working Group. Please join us outside Sandburg Hall at noon on Wednesday to join the rally.

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