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Millions of dollars are being cut from UWM's budget while the rich and powerful are lowering employee salaries and skyrocketing our tuition.

Milwaukee Students for a Democratic Society is calling for a rally to bring about awareness of the unjust budget cuts at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee!

Monday, September 14, 2009, Spaights Plaza, 12:00pm

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We want the Chancellor and Deans of the university to take a pay cut from their six-figure salaries before deciding to cut salaries of faculty and staff. Currently, the Chancellor is making $307,000, a 3% pay raise from last year. The Chancellor is also accepting other benefits that include a money stipend for his million-dollar condo, a car, and $20,000 a year from the UWM Foundation. The Chancellor accepts all this and more while cutting all faculty and staff pay by 3%, a net 5% loss due to a stoppage of an annual salary increase.

“We will address issues relating to the university’s budget with openness and transparency,” stated Chancellor Santiago on December 1, 2008. So where is the transparency? In his calling for all Deans to cut their departments by five percent, we demand to know exactly what is being cut and who is making these decisions. We demand that staff, students and faculty are part of the decision making process. We demand this information be easily accessible to the public.

Students are continuing to pay a greater percentage of their educational costs. The university is hiking up our tuition by 5% for the next two years. This leaves thousands of students struggling to figure out a way to remain in school. Students at UW-Milwaukee work the most per hour of any in the Wisconsin university system. We demand a tuition freeze and increased money for need-based students.

"They say cut back, we say fight back!"

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