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SDS Joins Labor to Protest Karl Rove, back Employee Free Choice Act

Photo: Members of Milwaukee Students for a Democratic Society and labor activists march in solidarity for workers rights.

Angry students and labor unionists protested here against Republican hit man Karl Rove. The conservative lobbying group, Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce (WMC) invited former Bush aide Karl Rove to speak against the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA). EFCA promises to make it easier for workers to form unions with less interference and dirty tricks from bosses. Unions and workers are demanding this new amendment to the National Labor Relations Act that will make forming a union a simple democratic choice.

The Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce conference was closed to the public and the press, but 150 workers showed up at 8:00 a.m. outside to make their voices heard. Workers held signs in favor of the Employee Free Choice Act and chanted, “What do we want? Free Choice! When do we want it? Now!" The bosses at the WMC would not speak to the media, but passed out literature that opposed the EFCA.

The Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce is also opposing a measure that would make Milwaukee the third U.S. city to win paid sick days. The paid sick days ballot initiative passed in November with an astounding 69% mandate and would give all workers in Milwaukee nine paid sick days each year, a huge victory for all workers.


trschwartz said...
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FriedrichHayek said...

Are you kidding me? First of all, how does the secret ballot open the union election to dirty tricks? The only thing that the EFCA would do would be to eliminate the secret ballot and give union thugs the upper hand. It was unions that destroyed the midwest manufacturing base, and guess what in todays globalized economy unions are obsolete. They are a relic of early 20th century business. And maybe government intervention into business like the paid sick days proposal is what caused Wisconsin to be ranked second to last in terms of their business environment, and one of the ten states endanger of failing as a state. But sure go take your dorm room socialism and protest someone who has actually been successful in life.